Managing a Tenant

User Roles

There are currently five levels of user access. These roles can be assigned and edited by Admin.

  • BI User: Can view reports and data currency.

  • BI Manager: Can execute and view history for jobs.

  • BI Developer: Can manage content assigned to a Department. This Role has full access to all site content for the department. Users assigned as BI Developer can also deploy Jobs.

  • Group Admin: Manages Projects and Users. This Role has full access to all site content.

Editing User Roles

Similarly to adding new users, to edit current user roles, select Manage Tenant from the drop down menu in the top right corner.


Next, select Manage User Roles.


Click on the arrow next to the user role of the user who’s permission you wish to edit.


Refer to the list above if clarification on the access of each roles is necessary.

Click update to confirm the changes.