Managing Job Schedules

Schedules Page

Once we have some schedules present for a given Job, we are able to manage them as required through the schedule page.

manage schedules

Edit Schedules

We are able to modify all modifiable aspects of the schedule through the edit wizard. The edit schedule modal follows the same structure as the Create Schedule.

edit schedules

Toggle Schedule Status

Users are easily able to toggle the active/inactive status of their schedules with a single click.

toggle schedule status

Delete Schedule

Schedules can be deleted through the delete button on each respective schedule.

Note that deleting a schedule cannot be reverted.

Enable and Disable Schedules from the Job page

You can enable and disable schedules for a job by clicking on the schedule toggle.

The schedule toggle on the job page

If schedules were enabled, clicking on this toggle will disable the job’s schedules.

If schedules were not enabled, this will display the option to enable your preferred schedules.

Enable the schedules that you would like to run and click on Update Schedules to save.

Enable schedules