Microsoft SQL Server


Used for working with Microsoft SQL Server, works with both On-Premise and Azure Hosted SQL Server instances.

Task Type Support

This connection type supports the following task types:

  • Data Migration
  • SQL Statement
  • Stored Procedure

Data Migration Support

This connection can be used in a Data Migration.

Usable as Source Usable as Target Usable as Incremental Source Usable as Incremental Target

Connection String Templates

Template Name Description
SQL Server Standard The standard connection string for connecting to a SQL Server instance on the same server as the Agent, uses integrated SSPI security.
SQL Server SSAS Uses SSAS to connect to a SQL Server instance.
SQL Server Trusted Uses trusted security to connect to a SQL Server instance. This requires the agent to be running as a trusted account.
SQL Azure Standard Uses the Azure standard URL naming convention to connect to SQL Server.

Connection Notes

LoadDateTime fields will be stored in UTC format in your database.

Any users who are connecting to unencrypted databases will need to add encrypt=false to their connection string as of agent version 2022.5.10.1.