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Loome Integrate makes accessing data for analytics easy

The Loome software suite features a unique set of management tools that leverage the full power of the Microsoft Business Intelligence Platform. Loome provides your business user with friendly interfaces that allow uncomplicated access to information, so that it is easy to verify the accuracy and currency of data used for decision making.

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You may have a number of ELT processes that run at various times to integrate your data from disparate sources into a single warehouse. To manage a few ELT packages may be achievable. However, when there are many, the task to control, maintain and schedule them becomes more arduous.

Loome Integrate empowers you to:

  • Provide transparency on the number of rows that have been loaded by each task

  • Explicitly publish the currency of data to report consumers

  • Schedule dependent jobs to run in sequence rather than guessing when each job is due to complete

  • Quickly interrogate task errors and task duration

Our goal is to ensure that your data management tasks are governed and achieved at the highest possible level, helping you get the most out of your Microsoft BI investment every step of the way.

The purpose of this user guide is to provide information to users on how to access and use the features of this tool. Detailed descriptions, step-by-step instructions, and examples are provided for a better understanding.

This is intended for the end users of Loome Integrate. Using this guide, they will get an understanding of the product and its related features.

The targeted audience of Loome Integrate can be broadly classified in two key areas:

  • ELT Developer - users that will configure the tool, define the steps for each task in a job and schedule the execution of packages
  • DBA - users that monitor Loome Integrate logs and error reports to investigate potential package failures

Product Overview

With over 100 native connectors, Loome Integrate brings any data together quickly and easily.

With these native connectors and integration with major Cloud Storage and Data Warehouse platforms, Loome Integrate allows you to access and process data anywhere and anyway you like. With Best Practice Data Integration Patterns baked-in, you can build your Data Lake or Data Warehouse with unprecedented speed, whilst ensuring a fault tolerant and transparent process.

Loome Integrate makes it simple to define dependencies between jobs and tasks across different types of processing. Detailed logging also provides transparency on typical failures and long running processes to help focus on where to improve.

In summary, you can use a central console to manage and audit your data integration processes. The process flow below provides a high level overview of a simple Loome Integrate job.



We have listed the core features of Loome Integrate below:


The key benefits of Loome Integrate include the following.

  • Target common cloud and on-premises storage and data warehouses.
  • Support for different script languages and tools including Python, Spark, SQL, PowerShell and Azure Batch.
  • With an extensive library of pre-built connectors, you can easily acquire data from a wide range of databases and applications.
  • Manage typical Data Processing Tasks across:
    • Data Warehousing,
    • Big Data and Data Science processing,
    • High Performance Computing.
  • Avoid costly development of API integration and data process controls with out-of-the-box orchestration.
  • While it also includes task alerts, task dependencies, records of task execution time, duration and logs, and the import and export of a Development to Production environment.