System Settings

The System Settings are Loome Integrate’s configuration settings. Default settings are set up automatically during the installation of Loome Integrate.

System Settings


This determines the number or rows per committed batch of a Data Migration task. It may be adjusted to suit the capacity of your database server, however the default value is normally appropriate.


This setting defaults to 0, indicating that no timeout will be applied to Data Migration tasks. Set it to an appropriate value if you require Loome Integrate Data Migration tasks to timeout after a specified period.


Loome Integrate uses this value for culture info setting. This setting identifies the country from where Loome Integrate is used. For example, en-AU for Australia.


The value defined in the environment setting will appear in the left hand corner of Loome Integrate. This setting is also included in the definition of SQL Server Agent Jobs. It identifies which environment the current Loome Integrate screen refers to.



You can limit the number of job execution history by defining a limit value in System Settings. 0 = All execution history. Any other value greater than 0 will restrict the number of job execution history displayed in Execution History.


This setting shows how many recent job executions to display in the job execution history screen. If the value is set to 0 then it shows all executions.


This is the path to the Loome Integrate application.

NOTE: Do not alter this value.


The value defined in the JobDependencyWaitSecs is only applicable where a job dependency has been defined when creating a job.

For example: When job (B) is set to depend on job (A). Job (A) will only begin execution if job (B) is not executing. It ensures that job (B) and job (A) will not execute at the same time. When job (B) is scheduled to begin execution, it will check to see if job (A) is still executing. The JobDependencyWaitSec value specifies the length of time in seconds that Loome Integrate will wait before trying again to begin executing job (B).


Loome Integrate can be used to implement parallel processing for Data Migration subtasks. Parallel processing is only available for Database and Flat File targets.
The number of parallel threads is limited by the MaxThreads setting, which will default to the number of CPUs on the database server. You may adjust MaxThreads, but if you set MaxThreads too high you may start getting timeout errors in your Data Migration tasks.

Tip: Please ensure you have no expectation that Data Migration subtasks will execute in any particular order before setting ParallelDM to True.


Specify a user account that will be running the MDS Jobs. This user must have the required permissions on the MDS database to read and update data as well as the required permissions to access the specific MDS Model.


This setting is used to display the NoAccessMessage. This message is displayed when th user has a login but does not have any access setup in DataGovernor.


This is the location for any SSIS Packages to be executed by Loome Integrate. It defaults to the msdb database on the Loome Integrate database server, but may be configured to source packages from another server, or from the file system.


This setting allows for parallel execution of tasks. Set to True to turn on and False to switch off.


This is the connection string that directs Loome Integrate to the Staging or Data Warehouse database used for storage of reconciliation results and other Loome Integrate task-related objects.


This is the Loome Integrate proxy account set during installation. We do not recommend altering this value.


Loome Integrate can be used to save out a copy of an SSIS task in the form of an SSIS package dtsx file. The value in this setting specifies the location where the SSIS package file will be saved to.

NOTE: It is recommended that the remaining Loome Integrate settings be left with default values.


This value will be used as the Sender in all Loome Integrate email notifications. Recipients will see this email as the sender in their inbox.

  1. Enter an email address into the text field
  2. Click Update to save.


Loome Integrate uses this value for Timezone settings. This Value indicates the time zone from where the customer is running Loome Integrate from.


Loome Integrate will use this value for email notification. Email notification will not operate until an Exchange Mail Server name is configured in this setting.


Host The Host takes the form or : . If port number is not specified then it defaults to 25.
User Set this to the Username to login to the server specified.
Password Specify the Password to Login to the server.
Confirm Password Re enter password.