Connectors Help

This section consists of help pages for the Connector Types available in Loome Integrate.

Global notes on Connectors:

  1. Most connectors will automatically limit the size of character based columns (nvarchar) to 2000 characters. If more characters are required, specify the length of characters in connection string by adding Other=“DefaultColumnSize=nnnnn”; where nnnnn is the required length. Exception to this are the following Connectors:

    • SQL Server
    • ODBC
    • OleDB
    • other non-CData connectors
  2. In version 5.2 of Loome Integrate there is now added support for impersonation in Connection. This means that where a username and password is required to connect to a server, users can now enter a network authentication to connect. For example, connecting using a Windows login (company\username).