Adding a new Task

There are 3 ways to create tasks in Loome Integrate.

1. From Tasks menu > Tasks

To access the projects task list, click the Tasks drop down then select Tasks.

Add a task from the Tasks drop down menu

This will then display a list of tasks that are assigned to this project along with the following columns:

  • Task Name - the name of the task
  • Task Type- the task type
  • Used in Jobs - jobs which the task is used in
  • Last Modified - the date and time when the task was last modified
  • Modified By - the person who last modified the task
  • Logging Type - the task logging type
  • Last Status - the last run status (succeeded/failed)

Task list

Click on the Add a New Task button in the action ribbon to create a new task. Any new task created here will need to be assigned to a Job.

2. From Job > Add a New Task

The second method to create a new task is to click on a job and select Add a New Task.

Add a task from a job

3. From Job > Task List > Add New Task/ Add Existing Task

The third method to create a new task is through the job task list.

Select a job to bring up the sub menu then click Task List.

Add a task from a job's task list

You can choose to Add New Task or Add Existing Task.

Add task options

Any new task created here is automatically assigned to this job at the bottom of the sequence.

Click Add New Task

A list of task types will display.

The available task type options are:

  • Data Migration - move data from a source to a destination
  • SSIS Package - run a SQL Server SSIS package
  • Reconciliation - perform a reconciliation between data sets
  • Stored Procedure - execute a SQL Server stored procedure
  • SQL Statement - execute a SQL server SQL script
  • Similarity - match similar rows in a source using MDS and Fuzzy Matching
  • PowerShell - run a Powershell script
  • XMLA Command - run an XMLA command on an Analysis Services host
  • Operating System - run a system operating command
  • Import to MDS - import data into Master Data Services
  • Export from MDS - export data from Master Data Services
  • Import to Kepion - import data into Kepion Planning
  • Export from Kepion - export data from Kepion Planning

Task types

The following sections of the user guide will go into detail about each of these task types.