Azure Data Factory

The Azure Data Factory task enables the execution of Azure Pipelines as part of a Loome Integrate job.

Configure an Azure Application Connection

Azure Data Factory is the first connection to utilise the “Azure Active Directory Application” connection type, which allows for easy integration with Azure Services via Loome Integrate.

If you have not yet created an Azure Application Connection, learn more in the connection reference.

Your Azure Application Connection must have “Contributor” permissions for the Azure Data Factory resource you wish to use.

Select the Azure Data Factory Pipeline

Selecting the Azure Data Factory Pipeline is a very guided process in which you select in order:

  1. The Azure Connection to source the Pipeline from
  2. The Resource Group which contains the Factory
  3. The Factory which contains the Pipeline
  4. The Pipeline to Run

Loome Integrate will run the pipeline when the task is executed and pipe status messages and the final logs to the Loome Integrate job output. If the pipeline runs successfully, the task is considered to have succeeded.