Manage Connections

Connection Actions

Each entry in the connection list has a set of actions associated with it, these are (from left to right):

Validate Connection

Connections must be validated before they can be used in Loome Integrate tasks. The only thing required to validate a connection is a healthy agent, which will attempt to test the connection as if it was being used in a real Loome Integrate job.

You will only need to validate a connection from the connections page if you chose to bypass validation when creating/updating the connection. It is highly recommended that you validate the connection when creating/updating it as then you are more likely to notice any configuration errors.

Edit Connection

You can edit a connection using the edit button beside the connection you want to modify.

edit connection

Editing a connection uses the same form and steps as adding a connection.

Please note that if a connection is used by a task in a project, you cannot deselect that project while editing the connection.

Delete Connection

Clicking on Delete Connection on the right of a connection will ask if you want to remove the connection from your Loome Integrate tenant. Loome Integrate can only remove connections if they are not associated with any tasks. This includes both tasks added to a job and tasks that are available in a project.

This action cannot be undone, you will need to recreate the connection if you wish to use it after deleting it.

delete connection