Git Repository


Used to migrate data and to import scripts from a Git Repository for SQL Statement, Powershell, Python and OS Command.

Task Type Support

This connection type supports the following task types:

  • Data Migration
  • SQL Statement
  • Powershell
  • Python
  • OS Command

Data Migration Support

This connection can be used in a Data Migration.

Usable as Source Usable as Target Usable as Incremental Source Usable as Incremental Target

Connection Notes

The username and password fields are the same fields you would use to log into Git, but we advise that you use a Personal Access Token in place of a password. You can create a Personal Access Token following the instructions here.

  • We support most Personal Access Token (PAT) systems in place of the username and password. You can provide your Personal Access Token as the password for your connection.

  • If you would like to connect to a specific branch, please also provide the branch name or it will connect to the Master branch.

  • In order to run scripts or commands from a Git repository from a particular branch, provide that branch name for this connection. You will then be able to target that branch and run scripts or commands from Loome Integrate. If you don’t specify a branch name, the Master branch will be the default branch.

  • You will also need to supply the URL of your Git Repository. You can obtain this URL when you clone the repository in Azure DevOps. You can retrieve the URL of your Git Repository by clicking the “Clone” button in the top right of the Repos page. azure devops clone