SQL Server Integration Services

Loome Integrate Online supports SSIS. This task type is user friendly for existing SSIS packages.

Connecting to SSIS

To get started using SSIS in Loome Integrate Online, you will need to create a SQL Server connection that points at the SSISDB database. When connecting to SSIS task types, use a standard SQL Server Connection that must point at the SSISDB in its connection string.


Loome Integrate Online only supports the Project Deployment model for SSIS packages. Read more detail here.

You will also need to grant the ssis_admin role to your Windows account that you use for SQL Server.

How to add new users and check existing users of the ssis_admin role

In SQL Server Management Studio, open your SSISDB and click on Security, then expand Roles, followed with Database Roles.

Right-click on ssis_admin and select Properties.

SSIS Admin role

To add a user to the role, click on the ‘Add…’ button at the bottom-right of the properties pop-up window.

Add a user to the role

Adding a SSIS Package Task

Adding a SSIS package is like any other task in Loome Integrate Online, where you can use the package selector to easily find available packages to run.

You then need to provide the package path that can be selected from the dropdown menu. Once you click Select the SSIS Package’s path will display below.

Select SSIS Package

You can then add any additional parameters.

Additional Parameters

Loome Integrate online supports all SSIS parameter types.

Once submitted you can run the task and view its execution logs.

Viewing SSIS Logs

Click run and it will then showcase the SSIS logs. The logs will appear in the execution logs for a job and will be easy to identify as all SSIS logs will be prefixed with [SSIS].

Execution Log

If an error occurs in SSIS it will also result in an error in Loome Integrate Online and show in the execution logs.