Stored Procedure

The Stored Procedure task allows you to to execute a SQL Server stored procedure as a task.

Loome Integrate is not able to execute system level stored procedures.

Create a Stored Procedure Task

Create a New Task.

Choose a unique name to identify this task, and then choose an agent from the dropdown that will run this task.

Name and agent

Choose Stored Procedure from the task type section.

Stored Procedure task type

Click on Next for the next page.

Selecting the Stored Procedure

Select the SQL Server Connection that contains the stored procedure.

Stored Procedure connection

Choose a Schema from the dropdown. This dropdown will load all available schema from your chosen connection.

Stored Procedure schema

Loome Integrate will load the available stored procedures that it can run.

You can either type the Stored Procedure’s name manually into the entry.

Stored Procedure name

Or you can use the selector on the right to pick from a list of options populated from the connection.

Available Stored Procedures

Choose a stored procedure from the dropdown and then click on Select.

stored proc selector

Click Submit and you can then run the task and view its execution logs.

Or you can click on Edit Parameter Values on the job page, and provide a value to a parameter if you added any in this task.