21st of March, 2019


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilise these features.

New Features

  • Snowflake connections can now be used in the SQL Statement Task Type.

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud added as a connection type.


  • Jobs will now display icons in their list indicating whether or not they have a schedule and/or email notifications enabled.

  • Agent health is no longer dependent on a user’s system time, meaning that incorrect computer clocks will not affect the Loome Integrate User Experience.

  • Improved task execution view page.

  • Improved Azure Shipyard UI


  • Cloned tasks will now include migration entities and additional staging connections if applicable.

  • Job statuses will now update correctly when being executed as one offs.


Minimum Version Number: 2019.03.19.1

The following changes concern the Loome Integrate Agent that you install yourself. To acquire these changes you will need to update your agent.

New Features

  • Snowflake SQL Statement Execution

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud as a Data Migration Source.


  • Additional logic implemented for handling concurrent Kerberos ticket initialisation

  • INSERT INTO used for versions of SQL Service which do not support bulk copy.


  • Fixed Powershell processor bug where curly braces would sometimes break the processor.