13th of February, 2019


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilise these features.

New Features

  • Snowflake Data Warehouse connection which can be used in Data Migrations as a source or target.

  • Google Bucket can now be used as a target connection in Data Migrations.

  • Added copy buttons next to Agent installation scripts.


  • Improved daily cleanup code for database so that cleanups are more efficient with less failures.

  • “Last Modified” time for task sequences in jobs are now determined based on whether the task’s sequence was modified or the task itself was modified.

  • Improved performance with saving data that requires a timestamp and author (jobs, tasks, task sequence etc…).

  • Improved handling of agent heartbeat values and determining whether an agent is healthy or not.

  • Improved Amazon S3 Connection type to require the BucketName as a property in the connection strings. This is to avoid confusion when providing a file definition for S3.


  • Fixed bug where tenant configuration would be reset after a day.

  • Fixed issue with RSA key storage mechanism which would result in job failures and hangings when sending the task to the agent.

  • Fixed bug where “Continue on Failure” would not update correctly when being applied to job dependencies.

  • Fixed bug where dependent job deletion would sometimes fail.

  • Fixed bug where agents would show unhealthy in the application despite being healthy.

  • Fixed bug where task sequences large than 10 elements would display th without the number prefacing it.


Version Number: 2019.2.12.1

The following changes concern the Loome Integrate Agent that you install yourself. To acquire these changes you will need to update your agent.

New Features

  • Snowflake Data Warehouse support as a Source and Target in Data Migrations.


  • Support for “Staging Connections” on top of source and target connections, currently only being utilised by Snowflake data migrations.

  • As per the behvaiour in Loome Integrate Server, all target table columns are now nullable during Data Migrations to avoid source schema issues that may occur.

  • Improved security and validity of generated SQL code thanks to stricter usage of SQL Parameters.

  • Reduced refreshes of encryption token to avoid bad decryptions when submitting and receiving tasks.


  • Fixed bug where Stored Procedure task would fail due to parameter issues.

  • Fixed bug where Parquet connections would sometimes fail with INT NULL sources.

  • Fixed bug where Azure Blob would not support multiple levels of directories in migrations.