Azure Active Directory Application


Used as a flexible, secure means of integrating Loome Integrate with Azure Products and Services.

Task Type Support

This connection type supports the following task types:

  • Azure Data Factory

Connection Notes

To create an Azure Enterprise Application Registration for usage in Loome Integrate:

Search for App Registrations in Azure Portal

azure app 1

Create a new Application Registration

azure app 2

Fill out the form by giving the app a meaningful name.

Set the type to “Web App / API”.

And add the Loome Integrate URL as the sign-on URL.

azure app 3

Copy the “Application Id” as this is the same “Application Id” required in your Loome Integrate connection, then click settings.

Open the “Keys” blade, create a new Password and save. The value that you are prompted to copy is the “Password” used in your connection.

azure app 5

Click the directory icon on the top right of the Portal, copy the ID of your current directory (cirecled in red). This is your “Tenant ID” for your new connection.

azure app 6

Type “Subscriptions” in the search bar, open the subscriptions page and copy the subscription ID for the resources you wish to access. This is the “Subscription ID” for your new connection. To ensure your application is able to easily list resources it can use in Loome Integrate, open up Access Control and give the newly created application “Reader” permissions.

Once you have filled out all the fields you now have a direct connection to your Azure Subscription through that app registration.

You will need to assign that application “Contributor” permissions to the resources it needs to use. Learn more about Azure Active Directory permissions here.