Google Analytics


Used for importing data from Google Analytics. Requires the additional configuration of an OAuth application.

Task Type Support

This connection type supports the following task types:

  • Data Migration

Data Migration Support

This connection can be used in a Data Migration.

Usable as Source Usable as Target Usable as Incremental Source Usable as Incremental Target

Connection Notes

  • All Google based connection types utilise additional connection security, learn more here.

  • Strict security rules around the usage of Google Applications means that you may need to verify your application with Google before you use it.

This driver currently works with Universal Analytics, if you would like to use Google Analytics 4 please contact

How to Create a Google Analytics Connection in Loome Integrate

On the Connections page, click on Add a New Connection in Loome Integrate.

Select the Google Analytics connector.

Connection page

Once you click Next, you will be prompted to visit the developer registration page for Google Analytics as the first link under Setup Steps. Click on this link to be directed to the registration page.

Google Analytics Link

Click Create Credentials at the top of the page and select OAuth client ID.

Create Credentials

You may be prompted to set up an OAuth Consent Screen. We will need this to set up the Google Analytics connector.

First, set the _User Type_ to External.

External User Type

Then, provide an Application name and a support email.

Application Name

Set the Domain name according to your region.

  • for the Australian region
  • for the US region

Once you have provided consent, re-select the OAuth Client Id credentials page (if you were redirected).

Set the Application Type as Web Application and provide a meaningful name.

Add a Redirect URI. You can temporarily use and we will change this URI in the next few steps.

Web Application name and Redirect URI that will be changed later

Once that has been created, you will be provided with a Client ID and Client Secret.

Client ID and Client Secret fields

Return to Loome Integrate and add the Client ID and Client Secret that was provided in the above step.

Click on Generate Redirect URI.

Provide Client ID and Secret fields and then generate a Redirect URI

Copy the Redirect URI that appears below the Generate Redirect URI button.

In the Google Web Console, open Client Credentials and paste the Redirect URI you generated in Loome Integrate into the URI field to overwrite the redirect URI value we added earlier.

Paste in the Redirect URI

Once saved, click the Authorize button in Loome Integrate. If you are told the web app isn’t safe, show advanced settings and continue to the website.

You may receive this warning

You will then be prompted to allow access to Google Analytics.

Once you have allowed access, your Google Analytics connector will be ready for Loome Integrate.

Grant permission here

If your authorization has been successful, you can click on Continue shown in the following image.

Successful authorization

You will now be directed to the connection string page and you’ll be able to specify an analytics profile if required, as shown with the highlighted field in the image below. When you clear this connection string, it will choose your default profile.

Connection String

Choose the agent that will validate this connection and click Submit.

You will be notified in the bottom right corner if this connection has been validated and created successfully.

If successful, you can now use this connection in your Loome Integrate tasks.