Managing Tasks

You can manage your tasks at different levels of Loome.

You can manage them on the Task page for all tasks in your tenant accessed from the top-right dropdown.

Tenant task page

Or, while viewing a project you can click on View Tasks to view the tasks of that specific project.

How to access the project task page

On the job’s tasks page, you can also view the sequenced tasks per job, as well as all tasks that are available in this project and that can directly be added to this job.

Job task page

You can filter on tasks and columns on each list of tasks.

Sort and Filter

You can filter a list of tasks by clicking on the Filter button that appears when you hover over a column title.

Sort and Filter here

Use the text filter for task names, highlighted in the image below, to filter and search the list of tasks.

Search your job list

You can also filter your tasks by task type.

Search your job list

Sort Jobs

Sort the list of tasks using the arrow button that appears when you click on each column title, highlighted in the image below.

Click on the column title again to switch between ascending and descending order.

Sort the list by last execution

Filter on Columns

You can also filter on columns in the second filter tab, and choose to hide or show columns, pin columns to the left or right, autosize or reset your applied filters in the third filter tab.

Filter on columns

Reset Filters

Reset your filters by clicking on the filter button beside a column.

Select the right-hand filter tab, and then ‘Reset All Filters’.

Clear filters here

Hide or Display Columns

You can hide or display columns on the job page, for example the ‘Created by’ and ‘Created Date’ columns will be hidden by default.

You can use the second filter tab on any column filter to select which columns will be displayed or not.

Just select the checkboxes of the columns you would like to view.

Selecting columns