Manage File Definitions

Validate a File Definition

After creating or editing a file definition, it is highly recommended you validate it with an agent.

Click on the tick button next to the file definition, and select the agent that will be used to validate it.

Click here to validate your file definition

Loome Integrate will ensure that the file path is valid, that it can access the files in the file definition, that the files have read privileges, and the agent can work with the provided definition.

Edit a File Definition

Editing a file definition uses the same form as creating a file definition.

To edit a file definition, select the edit action on the right of the file definition you wish to edit.

Edit file definition

If you need more information about file definition fields, consult the Add a File Definition page.

Please note that if a file definition is used by a task in a project, you cannot deselect that project while editing the file definition.

Delete a File Definition

To delete a file definition, click on the bin icon on the right of the file definition.

Delete file definition

Confirm that you would like to delete and it will be removed. This cannot be undone and may fail if any tasks rely on it.