Adding a new Job

A Loome Integrate job allows you to specify a job name, set a job logging level and choose to bind the job to an existing SQL Server Agent Job if required. A job is used to run tasks. A job can have many tasks. The jobs can have dependencies on other jobs and the tasks within these jobs can also have dependencies on other tasks.

Job list

Click on the project you want to work with. Click Add a Job to add a job to that project. The job details screen will display.

Add a job

Job Name

Enter a unique job name here. Job names must be unique to a project.


Select a logging level.

The available logging options are:

  • Standard
  • Debug
  • Save Packages
  • Save Packages & Debug Logging

Tip: If you have both job logging and task logging on, and if job logging is set to Standard then the task logging option will override this. Otherwise job logging will always take precedence.

Email Recipients

Enter the email recipients who will subscribe to and receive job notifications. Recipients will be sent emails based on the notification type settings selected. See below under Notifications.

Tip: Use a semi colon (;) between email addresses to add multiple recipients.

Job Dependency

Setting the current job to be dependent on another job will ensure that Job B is dependent on the successful completion of Job A. Job dependency also ensures that both jobs will not execute at the same time. Use this feature where there is a requirement for sequential execution of jobs.

Select the job dependency check boxes against the job(s) you want the current job you’re creating to depend on.

Tip: If you execute multiple jobs which have dependencies on each other, it will look as though they are all executing. However, hovering over the job execution icon will show which job is executing and which are waiting to execute.

Run Job if dependent job fail?

This option allows you to set whether the job will run if its dependent jobs have failed.

The available options are:

  • Yes
  • No


Select a notification event which an email will be sent to the email recipients defined above in Email Recipients.

The available notification options are:

  • No Email
  • Notify on Success or Failure
  • Only notify on Failure

Bind to Existing Job

Select the Bind to Existing Job checkbox to attach the new job to an existing SQL Server Agent Job.

Tip: If you do not bind to an existing job, a new SQL Server Agent Job will be created when the job is saved.

The SQL Server Agent Job field will become a drop down list of the available options to select from if this option is checked. This option will also appear when you edit an existing job.

Agent job

Action Buttons

Click Save to create the job. It will be listed in the jobs list on the main screen.