Logging Details

The Logging Details for each execution of the task can be viewed as per the screen below:

Logging Details

Task/ Job

This field refers to the Loome Integrate job and each step or task within that job.


This field refers to the Loome Integrate component of a task within the job that is executing.


This field refers to the date and time that the task commenced execution. By default, logging details are sorted based on this column.

Tip: You can sort on other columns by clicking on the column name.


This field refers to execution duration of each step in the job.


This field refers to the type of information that is displayed in the logging detail.

The available event filter options are:

  • Debug - More detailed information. This event is only logged when either the task or job logging type has been set to Debug. This is useful for troubleshooting errors.
  • Error - Information indicating that an error has occured.
  • Information - Writes a log entry during the validation and execution of an executable to report information.
  • OnPipelinePostEndOfRowset - Writes a log that denotes that a component has been given its end-of-rowset signal.
  • OnPipelineRowsSent - Writes a log on how many rows go between step to step in the pipeline.
  • OnPostExecute - Writes a log entry immediately after the executable has finished running.
  • OnPreExecute - Writes a log entry immediately before the executable runs.
  • PackageEnd - Writes a log entry indicating that a Task has completed execution.
  • PackageStart - Writes a log entry indicating that a Task has started execution.
  • Warning - Information indicating that something unexpected has occured but this has not stopped the execution.


This field contain messages generated by Loome Integrate at the job level, and messages generated by SSIS at the task level. These messages can also be viewed within the SSIS log table if required.