The Agent

Think of the agent as the “worker” in Loome Integrate Online – it contains all the code that allows jobs to run. This is to replace the back end process of the previous version; we now allow easier data warehousing on multiple servers and hosts, due to the Agent’s ability to be installed on one tenant but across multiple locations.

The Agent runs cross platform, meaning that users can leverage data from sources running on both Windows and Linux. Loome Integrate is now able to provide Big Data connectivity such as Apache Hadoop as a connection type - a feature only possible thanks to the Agent’s Linux Support.

The Agent should be installed on a host that has access to your data sources, such as a server. Think of it as just another program that runs in the background - listening in real time, for job and task executions from Loome Integrate Online in the cloud.

What are the agent benefits?

Easy to Update

As is the case with SaaS, updates to the Loome Integrate Online UI and API are seamless, meaning there’s no need to download installers when we release minor updates to improve the user experience - it’s all happening in the background. We can provide a product that is both constantly evolving, and easy to get started with, no matter where you are accessing it from.

Updates to the Agent itself do require attention from the user, as the Agent is a separate part of Loome Integrate and does not sit in the cloud. These updates will be feature-driven, and although not compulsory, are strongly recommended if you want to take advantage of the latest features. Loome Integrate will not experience any downtime during updates, however it will be easiest to schedule a 5 or 10 minute window when you are not executing tasks, for the updates to install. It’s a simple and painless process, that only requires running the same script you used for installation. The Agent is such a solid component of Loome Integrate that you won’t need to expect updates very often, and you will be notified when new features become available.

Real Time Logging

Another useful feature is that the Agent is connected to Loome Integrate Online in real time, allowing you to view results from each task in the job as they happen.


You have full control over what the Agent can access and how it connects to your data sources. One thing to note with Loome Integrate Online is that the results of each ETL job are not saved on our servers and any credentials required for connecting agents to data sources are stored securely and are transmitted as encrypted messages over solid HTTPS/WSS protocols.

Multiple Agents

Loome Integrate Online jobs are not restricted to running on a single host - you can install multiple agents across various computers and networks if required, allowing for less restricted access to data warehousing across multiple servers and hosts. A second Agent may also act as a back-up when performing updates – if you don’t have a spare 5-10 minute window between tasks to perform a required update, you can run the tasks using your backup Agent while you wait for the install to complete. This ensures zero disruption to task schedules.

Is it easy to install?

The only thing you need to install to start using Loome Integrate Online is the Agent. This is done using the Connection Wizard in the Agents page, found in the right-hand corner menu. Installation is all handled by a single PowerShell script. The best part is that the same script used to install an Agent can be used to update it, ensuring that your agent has everything it needs to work, and is using the most up-to-date build of the Loome Integrate code.