Azure Function

The Azure Function task enables the execution of Azure functions as part of a Loome Integrate job without writing PowerShell.

Task list

You can run an Azure function app by providing the URL of the function app, and Loome will then notify you of the success or failure.

The URL should be in the format:

Task list

You will have to specify methods of GET, POST, PATCH, PUT, and DELETE in your Azure function in Azure Portal in order to use them in a Loome Integrate task.

Authentication methods

You can also specify your function authentication level, administrator, function, and anonymous, in Azure Portal.

You can choose an authentication method of a function key, managed system identity, managed user-assigned identity or anonymous in this task.

Task list

Authentication methods:

  • Anonymous
  • Function Key
  • Managed System Identity
  • Managed User-Assigned Identity

If you choose ‘Anonymous’, you can proceed to submitting this task by clicking Submit or choosing your task settings by clicking Next.

Anonymous authentication

For example:

Anonymous authentication example

If you choose ‘Function Key’, provide the function key in the next field.

Function key

For example:

Function key authentication example

If you choose ‘Managed System Identity’, you will also need to provide the ‘API scope’ that should be in the format: api://identity-provider-client-Id/.default

Managed System Identity

For example:

Managed System Identity authentication example

If you choose ‘Managed User Identity’, you will also need to provide the ‘ClientId of User-assigned Identity’, and ‘API scope’ in the format api://identity-provider-client-Id/.default.

Managed User Identity

For example:

Managed User Identity authentication example

Managed System Identity and Managed User-Assigned Identity can only be used with Anonymous authentication level functions.