Version 5.1


  • Persistent Staging Task - This function imports data into temporary SQL Server staging tables, then compares the imported rows with rows previously imported into a persistent staging table, creating a new version of the imported row if the value in any column has changed. Business Key columns, and a column that determines the effective date of the change may be defined in the UI. If a date column is not defined the LoadDateTime will be used to determine effective date of change. A view may be defined over the top of the persistent staging table providing the current attribute values for each business key. Refer to Loome Integrate on-line help for further information regarding Persistent Staging.
  • A number of new Connector Types, supporting imports from various commonly used web applications, and other sources. Revised the UI to cater for the new Connectors.
  • Performance improvements in Data Migration Tasks; these are most noticeable when the source and target are on the same server.
  • Improved navigation in the UI
  • Revised job results email content, and support for smtp in the cloud
  • Moved execution log tables to a new file group, to enable independent and faster backup of the Primary file group.