Google Cloud Storage Bucket


A connector used to import data to and from Google Cloud Storage Bucket.

Task Type Support

This connection type supports the following task types:

  • Data Migration

Data Migration Support

This connection can be used in a Data Migration.

Usable as Source Usable as Target Usable as Incremental Source Usable as Incremental Target

Connection String Templates

Template Name Description
Google Cloud Storage Bucket The standard connection string for Google Cloud Storage Bucket, requires bucket url and credentialfile.

Connection Notes

  • To connect to Google Cloud Storage Bucket, you will need to create a GCP Service Account and retrieve a Credential File. Learn more about creating a credential file here.

  • To retrieve the url, you can get it from the Link for gsutil section of the bucket overview.


Some table names including special characters such as ‘$’ and ‘.’ may not work with Google Cloud Storage Buckets as they cannot be safely expressed as a URI on Google Cloud Platform.