Loome Monitor Rule

The Loome Monitor Rule task type is used to execute a rule remotely from Loome Integrate. This means you will be able to run Loome Monitor rules on a schedule alongside other tasks and create dependencies for Loome Monitor rules as Loome Integrate tasks.

How to Create a Loome Monitor Rule Task

In your chosen job, or a new job, create a new task.

Provide a name and select your agent.

You can then find ‘Loome Monitor Rule’ in the list of task types as shown below.

Loome Monitor Rule task type

Next you can select a Loome Monitor connection. This will provide all projects that are in that Loome Monitor tenant in the project dropdown.

Once you have selected a project, you can find all of its rules in the next dropdown.

Choose the rule you would like to run remotely.

Click submit to save this rule.

Select your connection, project and rule

You can now run this Loome Monitor rule from Loome Integrate.

Once you have run this task, you will be able to see that a rule has been run by Loome Integrate in Loome Monitor.

Loome Monitor Rule executed in Loome Monitor

You can then use this task again by executing it manually, creating a schedule, or dependency for this rule. Learn more about schedules here, job dependencies here, and task dependencies here.

Loome Monitor rule has been created