Creating Job Schedules

Each Loome Integrate Job has the ability to run via two methods, manually and through schedules. Loome Integrate offers many schedules for each Job.

Creating Schedules

Through the Schedules page, the users are able to create new Schedules for a given Job. Each Job may contain numerous schedules ranging in different types.

Types of Schedules

Loome Integrate allows for the creation of two types of Schedules. One time and Recurring schedules. Each one alters the wizard and shows you only the relevant options while creating the schedules.

schedule types

One Time

The One Time schedule type refers to a fire and forget approach where you can run a Job at a given date, time and selected time zone, but only once.

After a One Time schedule has been ran, it becomes “Inactive” due to it passing its scheduled execution time.

one time


The Recurring schedule type refers to an ongoing schedule. Loome Integrate allows the user to create a wide range of potential schedules – both simple and complex. At its core, the recurring schedules are split into two sections, Series and Frequency. For a recurring schedule to be valid, it must have a defined series of execution days as well as the frequency which sets what time/s of the day it runs.


The Series in relation to the scheduling system, refers to a day related threshold. Currently Loome Integrate supports three different kinds of series.

  • Day

    • Refers to the concept of “Run this Job every nth day”.
    • The default value 0 means it will not skip any days, which means the Job will run every day.
  • Week

    • Refers to the concept of “Run this Job Monday – Friday”.
    • The user will be able to select and deselect which days of the week they want the Job to run.
  • Month

    • Refers to the concept of “Run this Job Monday – Friday during January, February, and March”.
    • The user can select the months, and days during those months, that they want the job to run.



The Frequency in relation to the scheduling system, refers to a time related threshold. There are two main kinds of Frequency options, Recurring and Just Once.

  • Recurring allows the user to create schedules that runs the Job every nth minute/hour with a start and optional end time, and your selected time zone.
    • Start Time is a required field, since the schedule needs to start from a given time.
    • End Time is a optional field. This allows for schedules to start and end at the end time or never end. If this field is empty, the schedule will only end if they have reached an end date or if the user removes the schedule.


  • Just once allows the user to create a schedule that runs the job at a particular time once daily, weekly or monthly, according to the series that has been selected above.


If the start time is later than the end time, the system will treat the end time as the time found on the next day. This is how you can create overnight schedules.

Start and End Dates

The final step for both One time and Recurring schedules will require the user to select the date that the schedules will be active from. However the end date is optional. This allows users to add schedules well before they are required to occur and allows a new level of Job running automation. In a Recurring schedule, you can select your preferred time zone here.

start and end date