Version 5.2.4


  • Improved accuracy of job status on the jobs view page, especially for a hanging job that has been terminated manually from within SQL Agent Job.
  • Major performance improvement in same database migration for Azure DB.
  • Changed the ‘Complete %’ label of Reconciliation steps to ‘Completeness Tolerance %’.
  • Changed the ‘Copy All’ label of Data Migration to ‘Copy All Tables’.
  • Updated all help links to
  • Increased matching process timeout to 3 (three) hours.


  • Fixed a bug where there is a mixed up of incremental and drop-reload tables in a single Data Migration task.
  • Fixed how source query is handled in Data Migration.
  • Fixed schedule date time validation. It can now support cross-day schedule.
  • Fixed a bug in deployment when an imported job has Azure DW target database with Azure blob storage as intermediary.
  • Fixed Dynamics CRM and Salesforce connectors.
  • Resolved issue with online connectors and Loome Integrate on HTTPS.