30th of March, 2020


New Features


You can now export the content of your tenant to Git, download or upload the connections in your tenant, and import the contents of a source tenant into another target tenant.


You can download connections from one tenant and then upload these connections in another tenant or keep a downloaded copy of your connections.

Import Tenant

You can copy across the contents of a source tenant into your target tenant with a few quick and easy steps. You can also select the new agent that these tasks will be assigned to.

Export to Git

Exporting to Git will allow you easily implement version control to your Integrate Tenant. Using the Existing tools of GitHub Actions Release Pipeline and Azure DevOps Pipelines you will be able to import a tenant from a JSON File.

Export to Git will create a new branch for your newest updates each time you sync. You can compare these new branches with your existing tenant and branches to get an easy to read view of what changes have been made to your tenant. You can also select which branch you would like to sync to in your Git Repository.

When running a script from Git you will now be able to specify the Branch allowing better control of different environments and versions

Git Connection Type

You can also use Git as a connection for your data migrations. You can provide a specific branch and file path that Loome Integrate will use as a source for scripts in SQL Statement, Powershell, Python and OS Command tasks.

Flat files can also be imported from Git repositories.

New and Improved MySQL Connector

We have rewritten the MySQL connector from the ground up to be easier to use, more performant and above all more resilient with larger datasets. To use the new MySQL connector, make sure to select “MySQL” instead of “MySQL 2018” as we will be removing the latter in coming versions.

No Job Failure on Updates

Loome Integrate service updates will no longer result in failure of jobs and downtime will be minimised when the service is updated. The Agent will work more independently from the server allowing tasks to be completed no matter the status of server.

Loome will continue to improve the update process for the Loome Integrate service so that updates can be delivered more frequently with less issues.


  • The install script will now automatically install the agent as the Local system allowing improved ease of install and a reduction in time for setup.
  • We have improved the job list in a project so that you can filter and sort by last execution of tasks.
  • We have reduced the amount of time that it takes to start up a new tenant, and now store seed data in a separate container so that new connections can be added with minimal downtime, allowing for a faster experience with Loome Integrate.
  • We have also improved messaging in our execution logs, so each filter displays a clear informational message.
  • We have improved our execution log statuses. You will see that a job that succeeded due to it being re-run using the Job Retry Count function will have the status of ‘Warning’.
  • We have improved our warning messages, such as the warning you receive when deleting a project.
  • All administrators will now be able to see tenant licensing details.
  • We have updated the description of the Job Retry Count so that it is dynamic and clear to understand.


Version 2020.03.27.1

New Features

  • The Agent will need to be updated to support for the new Git and MySQL connection types.


  • We have improved execution logging in the Agent, specifically in relation to log verbosity in SSIS packages as well as general improvements to diagnostic messages.


  • We have fixed an issue with our OData connector and updated its connection string.
  • We have fixed issues with our Snowflake connection and its error handling, such as data type mapping, datetime offset, and using an empty file path for a staging table when using query as a source.
  • We have fixed an issue with Snowflake where the agent would attempt to install SnowSQL onto a host that already has SnowSQL installed.
  • In the instance of raw JSON data being logged from the Loome Agent, certain messages that previously would’ve resulted in a failure will now be ignored. These mainly include messages that utilize empty curly braces ({}) as our logging service reserves these characters for formatting.
  • We fixed the Snowflake connection so that you are able to import all double data from MySQL and SQL Server.
  • We’ve improved the default connection string template for Google Analytics.