20th of February, 2019


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilise these features.

New Features

  • View and delete previously sent tenant invites from the tenant management page.

  • View which jobs a task has been used in from the tasks page.

  • Added connection string template added for PostgreSQL Connection Type.


  • Jobs cancellation has been heavily revised, with a new status of Cancelled for jobs that have been explicitly cancelled.

  • Jobs that are dependent on previously cancelled jobs will not run due to dependency failure.

  • Jobs can no longer be run as part of a schedule or a once off execution if it is already running.

  • Added links next to task logs in execution history page so users can easily edit a related task from the logs page.

  • Task name limitations will now be shown in red so the user is more aware of names that are either too short or long.

  • Mousing over the connection string in the connections page will show the full connection string.

  • Improved logging for job cancellation and failures.

  • Project creation modal now prevents duplicates accidentally being created.


  • Fixed bug with job dependencies not being upheld.

  • Fixed bug where job continue on failure was not being upheld.


Version Number: 2019.2.19.1

The following changes concern the Loome Integrate Agent that you install yourself. To acquire these changes you will need to update your agent.


  • Improvements to job cancellation handling.

  • Improved resiliency with task completion and logging statuses.