Running Scripts in Parallel

You can enable a setting for a task to run scripts in parallel. This will allow the Loome Integrate agent to execute multiple scripts in parallel, rather than in sequence. This can result in faster task executions as more scripts can be run in a shorter amount of time.

You can use this in the following task types:

This is available when using a Git Repository Connection and Script Folder Path. You will need to choose File Connection as your Script Source and then select a Git Repository and a File Definition for these fields. And you will then be able to enable this setting.

parallel config

The “Max Degree of Parallelism” sets the number of scripts that can be run concurrently. For example, this is set to 4 by default, Loome Integrate will limit itself to running up to 4 scripts at a time, meaning that any additional scripts will only run once one of the four running parallel scripts has completed.

When it is set to zero (0), all scripts will be run at the same time but will be limited to the ability of the processor to run concurrent threads.

Configuring the Max Degree of Parallelism can be touchy and it is recommended that you work your way up to higher degrees of parallelism rather than choosing an extremely high number. The recommended starting value is 4.