End of Support for Loome Integrate Server

Read our guide here to easily move from Loome Integrate Server to Loome Integrate Online.

Support for Loome Integrate Server has ended.

Updates and support for Loome Integrate Server ended on the 1st of March 2021. Please feel free to contact us at support@loomesoftware.com to help with the steps needed to move on to Loome Integrate Online.

Loome Integrate Online

With over 100 native connectors and integration with major Cloud Storage and Data Warehouse platforms, Loome Integrate Online allows you to access and process data anywhere and anyway you like. With Best Practice Data Integration Patterns baked-in, you can build your Data Lake or Data Warehouse with unprecedented speed, whilst ensuring a fault tolerant and transparent process.

Upgrade from Integrate Server to Integrate Online

We highly recommend using Loome Integrate Online for the newest features and improvements, though you may continue to use Loome Integrate Server, it will no longer be updated.

You can learn more about the task type differences between Loome Integrate Server and Loome Integrate Online in our comparison guide here.

You can also transition from Integrate Server to Integrate Online by incorporating Integrate Online tasks with your Integrate Server tasks. This will allow you to start tasks that you have created in Integrate Online while using Server.

More Information

Contact us at support@loomesoftware.com for your move to Loome Integrate Online.

Read our documentation and blogs, learn more about its features, and book a demo to view a live demonstration providing a comprehensive overview of features and functions across the Loome platform.