17th of May, 2022


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilize these features.

New Features

Dataverse Source Connector

We have added a Dataverse source connector as a preview feature, please let us know if you would like to try it out.

Task Level Overrides for Tenant Settings

You can now override any tenant level setting at the task level, such as bulk copy timeout etc. Each setting also includes a description so you can easily understand what each setting will change. When creating or editing a task, rather than clicking ‘Submit’, you can click on ‘Next’ to find these individual task settings that will override the global settings set for the tenant.

Azure Function

You can now execute Azure functions from within Loome Integrate without having to write PowerShell. You can run an Azure function app by providing the URL of the function app into the Azure Function task type, as well as by choosing your authentication type.


  • The tenant level settings page has been improved significantly to provide descriptions of what each setting does and what it applies to, and we have added data type specific controls rather than plain text boxes. These descriptions will explain what the setting will do to provide a more friendly user experience.
  • We have added all countries to the Tenant registration ‘Country’ field. Previously it only listed AU and US as selectable countries.
  • We have reworked the CRM connector to use OAuth instead of a username and password due to deprecation by Microsoft.
  • Many agents in a tenant would previously cause the agent bar at the bottom to overlap content, so we have changed the agent bar to scroll across horizontally.
  • We have added alphabetical sorting to dropdowns for;
    • File definitions
    • Cluster definitions
    • Tenant users
    • Agents
    • Source and target file definitions when creating a task
  • We have added the schema switch preview feature into the tenant, agent, and task level settings. Previously, this would have to be configured via the agent config file on the server.
  • We have moved the tenant global settings to its own settings tab under the heading ‘Tenant Settings’.
  • We have also added a ‘Tenant Name’ tab where you can change the name of your tenant.


  • We ensured that opening a link to Loome Integrate when you aren’t logged in will direct you to the correct page after login, instead of being redirected to the homepage.
  • We fixed an issue where the previous encoding selection was missing in the UI, while the value was stored in the database.
  • We fixed an issue due to the Daylight Savings Time changeover so that schedules continue to work properly.
  • We fixed a bug where the Azure Functions task title did not display correctly.
  • We fixed an issue where if a job was waiting on a dependency but set to run, regardless of the outcome the job would run without waiting for the dependent job to finish.
  • We have fixed an issue where Sql Retry Logic would not be applied to a connection.
  • We fixed an issue where geo data types could not be used.
  • Editing a file definition previously did not retain the encoding selection.


This update requires agent version - 2022.5.10.1


  • We have improved the performance of persistent staging to significantly increase the speed of job executions.
  • The agent now uses full PowerShell Core rather than PS Core Workspace. This means you can now install and import PowerShell modules.
  • We have updated our SQL driver. Encrypt=true; is now the default value in connection strings. Previously, it was Encrypt=false;. If you connect to an unencrypted SQL server, you will need to add Encrypt=false; to your connection string or you will receive errors.

Any users who are connecting to unencrypted databases will need to add encrypt=false to their connection string.

  • Temporary script files will now be written to the temp folder with the prefix loome-.
  • We have added support to the agent for SQL connections that would use SQL retry logic. You can specify SQL retry logic provider settings via the connection string.


  • We have fixed an issue where the agent periodically failed with an error due to encryption keys missing, as the agent wasn’t notified of the ‘TaskExecution’ message.
  • We fixed an issue where the credentials of Azure Batch connections were not tested.
  • We have resolved an issue that caused the ADF task to occasionally fail when the pipeline status was ‘Queued’. The agent previously caused pipeline statuses other than ‘InProgress’ and ‘Succeeded’, such as ‘Queued’, to be ‘Failed’.
  • Previously the connection did not validate as the WS-Trust auth was depreciated. We have reworked the CRM connector to use OAuth instead of a username and password.
  • Loome Integrate would previously truncate values as it did not distinguish between column types and casted columns as varchar(50).
  • We fixed an issue where debug logs were displayed in the log files when standard level logging was applied in PowerShell tasks.