7th of October, 2021

PowerShell Improvements

We have made a number of improvements to PowerShell in Integrate. Starting with this version, Loome Agents installed in to containers will have PowerShell Core installed by default as part of the image.

PowerShell Core tasks will now check whether PowerShell Core is installed (pwsh.exe), if it is then it will use the PowerShell Core install to run scripts. This will always be the case on container agents now. On VMs you should install PowerShell Core manually before executing tasks. If no PowerShell Core installation is found then the agent will default back to using its internal version of PowerShell Core which limits use of install/import module commands.

PowerShell Windows will no longer use windows remoting to execute PowerShell scripts. PowerShell Windows will call PowerShell.exe directly.

In all cases, the script will be written out to a temporary file under the agent. This file location and file name will be shown in the agent logs for the execution. At the end of the execution this file will be removed from the agent. You can optionally specify a task parameter of script_keepfile = true if you don’t want the agent to remove the file after the execution. This will allow you to debug the file if you are encountering issues.

All scripts will now have inline variables added to the top of the script for;

• $TaskExecutionId • $JobExecutionId • $SourceConnection (If you specified a Source Connection in the script) • $TargetConnection (If you specified a Source Connection in the script) • $Parameter (Where Parameter is the name of each parameter name in your task)

After updating your agent; • Remove any Integrate tasks that install PowerShell Core on containers • If you have any scripts specified as a string and outed to a ps1 file, remove this work around.


This update requires agent version - 2021.10.6.2

Please update your agent to use new features and improvements.


  • We have removed Preview mode for PowerShell script processors as well as any other obsolete methods.
  • Debug logging will now only apply to the next run of a job. After a job runs on debug level, it will default back to the standard information level logs.
  • We have made improvements to agent stability when staying connected to the service.


  • We have fixed an issue where persistent staging failed if you altered the name of columns that had more than one word.
  • We fixed a bug where a Data Migration task failed when moving a Parquet file from one ADLS container to another container.