Kepion Data Migration task

The following section describes how to add a new Kepion Data Migration task to Loome Integrate.

The Kepion Data Migration task would be used for the following scenarios:

  • Rapid extraction of data from one source system a target data warehouse through straight table copy.
  • Use a SQL query to extract data from a source database and load into a Target data warehouse.
  • Incremental extraction of data for large Datasets.
  • Loading of data from flat files.

From the Choose Task Type to Add screen, select Data Migration followed by Continue.

Tip: This task type option is only available if the target connection is a Kepion connection as defined in Connections.

Choose a Load Type:

  • Dimension Member List- Dimension is imported into All Hierarchy. See Load Dimension Member List.
  • Dimension Hierarchy- Load into Hierarchy. See Load Dimension Hierarchy.
  • Static Partition Table- Only tables that have Static in them will be displayed. See Load Static Partition Table.

When using a Data Migration task, Loome Integrate logs audit information in the TaskExecutionRowCount table including row counts and, Job and Task durations. These values can also be viewed in the Job History. For more details refer to Execution History.

For a Data Migration task, the following information are logged:

  • Process Execution ID
  • Task name
  • Sequence
  • Destination table
  • Process Start time
  • Process End time
  • Inserted row count
  • Deleted row count

Tip: Unless it is an Incremental, a Data Migration task will recreate the target table each time it is run.