Adding a New Task

Tasks are the individual steps in a Loome Integrate job. Whilst tasks can perform incredibly complex operations, the task creation process aims to provide a standard flow for working with the various pieces of functionality in Loome Integrate.

If you’d prefer to follow a simple quickstart guide for working with Tasks and all the other components in Loome Integrate, read the “Getting Started with Loome Integrate.”

Creating a Task

Clicking on the “Add New Task” button from a job’s task screen will take you to the new task form.

first page of the new task form

Every task, no matter the type, requires the three things on this first page - a name, an agent and a type.

The task name is a unique label for the task, it can be changed later but note that this name needs to be unique in its project.

Tasks in Loome Integrate are run using agents. Whilst a job can have multiple tasks across multiple agents, a task can only be executed using a single agent (no passing data between agents within a single task).

The type of the task determines what you will need to provide in the following screens of the form.

Whilst Loome Integrate Online will guide you through the creation of a task, you can learn more about how to configure the various task types here.