Adding a New Task

Tasks are the individual steps in a Loome Integrate job. Whilst tasks can perform incredibly complex operations, the task creation process aims to provide a standard flow for working with the various pieces of functionality in Loome Integrate.

If you’d prefer to follow a simple quickstart guide for working with Tasks and all the other components in Loome Integrate, read the “Getting Started with Loome Integrate.”

Create a Task

Click on Add New Task at the top-right of a job’s task screen to create a new task.

first page of the new task form

Every task type requires the three fields on this first page - a name, an agent and a task type.

Provide a task name. This name should be unique for this task and identifies its purpose.

Provide a name

Choose an available agent from the dropdown. Tasks in Loome Integrate are run using agents. A task can only be executed using a single agent.

Provide an agent

Then choose a task type.

Choose a task type

The type of the task will change the following fields required for the task.

Continue following a guide for each task type and learn how to configure them here.

Choose a task type below: