Deleting a Task

How to Remove a Task

To remove a task from a sequence, click on the bin icon for Remove from Sequence on the right of the task in the job sequence.

Remove a task

Then click Accept to confirm that you would like to remove this task from the job sequence.

This will not remove the task from all available tasks, but will remove the task from the job, and so, any existing dependencies on the task within the job.

How to Delete a Task

You can delete a task on the tasks page.

You can search for the task using the filter at the top of the task name column.

Click Delete on the right of the task.

You will be asked to confirm that you would like to delete the task.

Please note that the task will not be deleted if any other tasks or jobs depend on it, and you will need to modify this before deleting the task.

Delete a task

To learn more about what makes up a Loome Integrate task, view the Adding a new Task documentation.