3rd of February, 2022


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilise these features.


  • We have fixed an issue where Dependant Jobs with “Run this job on dependant failure True / False” checked to “True” lost dependency and ran regardless of status of the primary job.


This update requires agent version - 2022.01.28.1


  • We have fixed an issue where PowerShell tasks will always log at debug level, producing an unwanted number of logs per execution. PowerShell jobs will now correctly use the configured logging level for the parent Job. If you are unable to update your agent straight away but would like to resolve the issue then you can add $DebugPreference = ‘SilentlyContinue’; to the top of your PowerShell script.
  • We have resolved an issue that prevented loading of data from Salesforce to Azure Synapse SQL.