18th of April, 2019


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilise these features.

New Features

  • Tenants can now be renamed in the tenant configuration section of the application.


  • Page load time improvements across the board.

  • Manage Users screen streamlined to include users and available invites all in one view.

  • Adding a new connection will check for popups to be enabled and will prompt the user to enable popups for Loome Integrate Online in the instance they’re not enabled.

  • Users can no longer view the execution history for a job that has never been ran.

  • Advanced options for Data Migrations will now only allow you to change the output table entity name not the schema.

  • Toggling tasks in a job sequence has an improved status icon.

  • The task editor will now show the name of the task at all times.


  • Fixed bug where Data Migrations with custom output names would ignore the source table name.

  • Fixed bug where invalid email format would not allow for invites to be deleted.

  • Fixed bug where attempting to remove a task that had dependencies from a sequence would not work and provide no prompt as to why it didn’t work.

  • Fixed issue with creating a new HubSpot connector and not having correct OAuth credentials.


Minimum Version Number: 2019.04.16.1

The following changes concern the Loome Integrate Agent that you install yourself. To acquire these changes you will need to update your agent.


  • The Proxy configuration in the agent appsettings now supports falling back to default credentials, providing an explicit domain and bypassing proxies for local connections.