3rd of March, 2019


The following changes concern the central Loome Integrate Online service. No explicit action needs to be taken to utilise these features.


  • Incremental config is now support when using flat files as a source in Data Migrations.

  • Email notification stability improved.


  • Fixed bug where installer may fail on first time installation of an agent.

  • Fixed Standard & Debug Logging so that they are properly applied to job configurations.

  • Fixed bug where editing a query as a source migration entity in a migration with 3 or more query as a source entities would result in the ordering of the entities breaking. This would result in all migration entities being removed from the edited task.

  • Fixed bug with server not handling backslashes and encoded characters in schema requests.


Version Number: 2019.03.05.1

The following changes concern the Loome Integrate Agent that you install yourself. To acquire these changes you will need to update your agent.


  • Improved Parquet type mapping support.

  • Added support for reading metadata from blob storage Parquet files.


  • Fixed issue with loading large amounts of unpaginated data from MYOB AccountRight.