Microfocus ALM


Used to retrieve data from Microfocus ALM.

Task Type Support

This connection type supports the following task types:

  • Data Migration

Data Migration Support

This connection can be used in a Data Migration.

Usable as Source Usable as Target Usable as Incremental Source Usable as Incremental Target

Connection String Templates

Template Name Description
Microfocus ALM The standard connection string used to connect to a Microfocus ALM instance.

Connection Notes

  • Your API Key and API secret used to access Microfocus ALM API can be saved to the username and password fields in order to provide these fields separately from the connection string.
  • You will need to provide your server, domain and project name in the connection string template.
  • The page size will be set to the default of 100, you can change it in the connection string if required.
  • To create successful incremental data migrations, you will need to define columns by extracting fields from the data column in your source. Follow our guide here to learn how to define columns and extract fields.