Excel Files


The ExcelFiles connector offers the most natural way to access Excel files. Simply use Excel Data Provider objects to connect and access data just as you would access any traditional database.

Connection String

The ExcelFile, under the Authentication section, must be set to a valid Excel file.

Tip: The Excel connector automatically limit the size of character based columns (nvarchar) to 2000 characters. If more characters are required, specify the length of characters in connection string by adding Other=“DefaultColumnSize=nnnnn”; where nnnnn is the required length.

Connection String Parameters

Parameter Description
ExcelFile The Valid Path or the Location where the excel file exists.

Data Migrations

To check for the Data Migrations-

  1. Add a new connection in Loome Integrate as shown.

    • Go to Tasks and click on Connections.

    • Add a new connection using the Add New Connection option.

    • Choose ExcelFiles Connector from the available connector options.

  2. Using the connection string parameters created, verify the connection using the Verify Connection option in Loome Integrate. Once the connection is verified, insert the connection using the Insert option.

  3. Create a job using the Add a Job option in Loome Integrate. Add a data migration task to the job.

  4. Create a new task by right clicking job list and then the Add a New Task option. If you want to edit an existing task use the Edit Task option.

  5. Choose a Data Migration Task.

  6. Choose the source and the destination for the migration of data. Name the task.

  7. Choose the Tables or the data that need to be migrated from the source to the destination. You can choose to copy all tables from the source by checking the Copy All Tables checkbox. Save the task.

  8. Execute the job. Check for results and the details of the data migrated in Execution History.