Kepion Quick Setup Check List

This section provides instructions on how to setup Loome Integrate with Kepion integration.

  1. Create a Loome Integrate (Loome Integrate) Service Account on both the SQL Server and Analysis Server with the same Admin rights. Refer to Back End Prerequisites for more information

  2. Setup job. Refer to Adding a Job for more information.

  3. Setup connection. Refer to Connections for more information

  4. Setup task. Refer to Adding a Kepion Data Migration Task for more information

  5. Always setup a SQL Statement Task (to backup the database) as the first step in any Kepion Job when you are loading dimensions.

  6. Always setup a XMLA Command Task (to Process All Kepion database Cubes) as the second last step on any Kepion Job to view any errors.

  7. Always setup a SQL Statement Task (to restore the database) as the last step and have a dependency on the Process All Kepion database Cubes error.