User Management

Inviting Users to a Loome Integrate Tenant

Group Admins can invite additional users to their Loome Integrate Tenant.

Open the Tenant settings from the drop down in the top-right hand of the screen.

top right hand menu

Then select “Manage Users”.

manage users selection

In the top right hand of the form you’ll see an “Invite Users” button. When inviting users you’ll be able to provide a role for the invited user..

The invited users will receive an email notification telling them they have been added to the tenant.

Whilst invited users do receive the email invite, they do not need to specifically click the link to accept the invitation. When the user logs in to Loome Integrate they will automatically be added to the tenant on login.

Modifying Users in a Loome Integrate Tenant

Group Admins can perform operations such as changing user roles and removing users from the user list in the Manager Users page.

Group Admins cannot remove other group admins, instead they must change the other group admin’s role to a different role with lower permissions and then remove them.

User Roles

There are currently four levels of user access. These roles can be assigned and edited by Admin.

  • BI User: Can view reports and data currency.

  • BI Manager: Can execute and view history for jobs.

  • BI Developer: Can manage content assigned to a Department. This Role has full access to all site content for the department. Users assigned as BI Developer can also deploy Jobs.

  • Group Admin: Manages Projects and Users. This Role has full access to all site content.

User Role breakdown

Action BI User BI Manager BI Developer Group Admin
View the Jobs and Tasks in a tenant
View execution logs and history for Jobs
Manage schedules for Jobs
Run Jobs on demand
Manage Jobs
Manage Tasks
Manage Connections
Manage File Definitions
Manage Cluster Definitions
Manage Tenant users and settings

Checking your Role

If you are unsure what user role you are, click the About link from the top-right hand dropdown and your permissions will be displayed.