Running the Upgrade

Follow the steps below to run the upgrade;

Extract the Loome Publish installer zip file and run the ‘Setup.exe’ file.

Click Next to proceed.

step 21

Upload the azure app service publish profile from your Loome Publish app service.

Click ‘Next’ to continue.

step 22

Review your existing application settings and make any changes if required. (Note: If these settings are configured through the Azure portal, they will be read only).

Click ‘Deploy’ to continue.

step 23

Wait for the deployment to complete.

step 24

Click ‘Finish’ to close the setup application.

step 25

Login to and browse to app services.

step 26

Find the Loome Publish app service and open it.

step 27

From ‘Overview’, click the ‘Stop’ button. (Please do not use ‘Restart’, the app service will not unload all resources in use)

step 28

Wait 30 seconds, then click the ‘Start’ button.

step 28

Open Loome Publish in your browser. It may take some time to open as it will start the process of upgrading the database and data, wait for this to complete.