Roles and Permissions

The Data Catalogue has three permission levels of access, an Administrator, a Steward and a Reader.

Users assigned to any of these roles gain access to the Data Catalogue features, such as the Entity Board and Network Maps. Please note that all Data Catalogue users will be able to see the relationships between all the Assets in the BI Catalogue no matter what audience they are a part of.

  • An Administrator can view and configure the Data Catalogue and assigns users their roles. Administrators can also assign a user to both the Data Catalogue and the BI Catalogue. Administrator tasks include creating Custom Attributes, Application Roles, Entity Types, API Keys, Metadata, Configuration, Tickets, About, Branding, and Feedback. For more information about Administrator Tasks, please read here.

  • A Steward can view Entities, and view and edit Custom Attributes.

  • A Reader can access and read Entities and Custom Attributes, but cannot make any edits.

Manage Application Role View

Unless a user also has a BI Catalogue role, Steward or Reader roles can only access the Data Catalogue. Administrators can view either the BI Catalogue or Data Catalogue from the toggle option on the top panel. This toggle button is available to users with roles in both the BI Catalogue and Data Catalogue.

Here is a guide on how to assign an application role.

If a user’s role has been changed, for example from Reader to Steward, they will have to log out and log back in to have their permissions refreshed.