Publish an Asset

I’ve registered an asset but other users can’t see it…

In order for users to see your assets, an asset must first be published.

The next step is to configure the required metadata from the asset Information tab and then publish the asset.

Assets registered manually or via a source system will appear in Draft Assets under Settings > Publish.

How do I publish my asset?

Click the Settings Cog icon in the top right hand corner and select Publish.

Alternatively you can click View Items from the last screen of Register an Asset.

The Draft Assets : Reports page will appear.

Draft area selection

Next you can select the draft area that your asset is located in.

If you have one draft area, then you can continue on with the next section of this guide.

If you have more than one draft area you can select the draft area from the right-hand slideout.

Multiple draft areas will appear here

Just select the draft area that you have registered or synced your assets to from the dropdown list.

Draft area dropdown

This will display all assets registered to that draft area.

If you would like to change the draft area of an asset, click Information on its asset card.

Click Edit on the bottom right of the asset card, and click Edit again on the draft area selector. Change your draft area here

Select your draft area and Save.

Select your draft area here

This asset will now appear in your selected draft area.

The asset has moved to the new draft area

Publish your asset

Locate the asset and click Information.

Click Edit to review the information and update the asset metadata.

Make sure that all required fields are filled out.

Click Save & Publish.

step 1

The asset will now be visible to the assigned areas of the left-hand navigation menu (Business Area).

For example, the ‘Supplier Quality Analysis Sample’ asset was assigned to the Marketing department.

It will now appear with the marketing reports under Marketing.

step 2

How do I unpublish an asset?

If you would like to unpublish an asset, click on information on the asset card.

Click on edit in the bottom corner.

Next click on the Unpublish button in the bottom right corner and the asset will return to the drafts section.

This is also supported in Bulk Edit mode.

Edit information modal

How do I edit an asset?

Registered and published assets can be edited at any time

Navigate to the asset you want to modify.

Click on Information.

step 3

Click Edit.

Make the necessary changes to the asset:

  • Titles can be updated, however if you change the title of an imported asset it will revert back to the title on the source system after syncing.
  • Description
  • Experts
  • Tags
  • Business Area/Navigation (required)
  • Subject Area/Navigation (required)
  • Any other terms added

Connection details can only be changed if the asset was manually registered. Assets which have been imported via a source system cannot be edited. You will only be able to view the details.


You can choose to enable or disable the embedding feature of the asset.

Select Yes or No.

Click Save.

Click Close.

The Publisher role is also able to edit Custom Attributes (if Custom Attributes have been created and attached to an Entity Type) in the BI Catalogue even if they do not also have the role of Data Steward in the Data Catalogue. But they will not be able to see the Network Map if they do not also have the Data Steward role. Read more about the Data Catalogue and its roles here.

How do I publish multiple assets at once?

Administrators and Publishers can now edit and publish multiple or all assets at once while only needing to select the required Term Sets and Custom Attributes that apply to all your selected assets. Custom Attributes will display if they are common across all assets, and they will apply to each selected asset.


Click Toggle Multi-Select to edit multiple assets at the same time.

Select the assets individually or use the + to select all or - to deselect all.

Once you select the assets, click on Bulk Edit.

The Bulk Edit Assets screen will appear.

Bulk Edit Assets

You can also edit custom attributes in bulk edit mode in the BI Catalogue as custom attributes will display if they are common across all selected assets. These edited fields will apply to each selected asset.

Edit the fields required then click Save Changes to save.

You can also choose to unpublish multiple assets by clicking on the Unpublish button.

How do I delete many assets at once?

Similar to bulk editing and publishing your assets, first click on Toggle Multi-Select in the right-hand slideout.

Toggle Multi-Select in the right-hand slideout

Select the assets you would like to delete, and click on Bulk Delete.

Bulk Delete button in the right-hand navigation

Loome Publish will then ask you to confirm that you would like to delete your selected assets.

Confirm to delete assets

Once you have confirmed, these assets will be deleted.


Under the Administration section you can choose from the following:

  • Pin to layout - pin as an asset board layout or pin as a tile to a tile layout.
  • Copy asset query

Are there any additional options on the Embedded Asset Page?

As a publisher, users also have the additional option to Pin to Tile Layout when viewing an embedded asset (refer to the ‘Tile Layouts’ section of this User Guide).