Welcome to the Loome Publish Documentation

The following user guides will walk you through Installation, Upgrades, Asset Embedding, Consumer Tasks, Help Desk Operator Tasks, Publisher Tasks and Administrator Tasks. The Installation and Upgrade guides assume a level of technical knowledge, however all other sections of this guide have been written to assist all levels of users.

If you do not have a licence upon installation, please see our Obtaining A Trial Licence page or click on the Get Started or Free Trial buttons on our website.

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View analytics in context with Loome Publish

Loome Publish will unify your analytics across the entire enterprise by consolidating your analytics assets, such as reports and objects, from different reporting services.

Loome Publish lets you quickly and easily add reports from any source system to relevant business areas and subject areas, enabling you to find the report you need exactly where you would think to find it, which will assist with your data stewardship practices.

With a unique Data Catalogue, Loome Publish also gives you the ability to see exactly how each entity is related. With amazing visualisation capabilities, you can discover which tables, dimensions and measures are used throughout your reports, and how they relate to each other.


  • A central hub for all analytics assets
  • A report catalogue with native integration for the following reporting services, and the option to embed these assets
    • Power BI
    • SSRS
    • Tableau
    • ThoughtSpot
    • Business Objects
  • Report publishing workflow
  • Audience targeting
  • Active Directory integration
  • Native Help Desk
  • Role-based security
  • Interactive Data Catalogue
  • Report usage analysis
  • SME Tagging
  • Federate Content Management


  • Publishing Control
    • Create mandatory metadata to capture before reports are published. Classify documents and reports for easier discovery.
  • Role Based Security
    • Assign responsibility to data stewards and report authors across departments and regions.
  • Data Stewardship
    • Enforce data governance policies such as classifying data sensitivity and capturing descriptions of key metrics.
  • Business Glossary
    • Deliver better context of reports with an integrated report and data catalogue.