Version 4.2

Support for more cross site scenarios

We have included a new embedding framework that allows you to embed any web based asset type right in to the portal! Code and design elements can be uploaded to the portal, or you can use one of our wizards to make things easy.

We’ve provided wizards for the following groups of asset types, and will include more in future versions.

  • Power BI
  • Power BI Report Server
  • SQL Server Reporting Services

We’ve provided some fine grained control, so you can;

  • Turn off embedding for individual assets
  • Control visibility of links to source systems

In addition to this, you can now create new tiles that make use of these embeddable asset types, and even pin an asset to a tile layout straight from the asset itself!

Changes to asset management

In this version, you can now update asset connection information, and even change the asset type.

Power BI Report Server Support

We’ve provided support for Power BI Report Server in this release, with this support you can;

  • Register assets from Power BI Report Server
    • We even support embedded excel if you’ve connected an Office Online Server!
  • Import these assets automatically using the Power BI Report Server source system connector

SSRS 2017 Support

  • We’ve updated the SQL Server Reporting Services source system connector to support the new 2017 version.