Data Catalogue Functions in the BI Catalogue

If a user has roles in both the Data Catalogue and the BI Catalogue there will be some Data Catalogue functions available while in the BI Catalogue.

User with two roles

Data Catalogue Functions

In the BI Catalogue, there are two functions that will be accessible when a user has two roles.

Custom Attributes

If a user clicks on the Information button, they will be able to view any attached Custom Attributes below the BI Catalogue metadata on the first tab of an Asset’s details. If a user clicks on Edit they will also be able to edit Custom Attributes.

Custom Attribute in the BI Catalogue

The Publisher role is able to edit Custom Attributes (if Custom Attributes have been created and attached to an Entity Type) in the BI Catalogue even if they do not also have the role of Data Steward. But they will not be able to see the Network Map if they do not also have the Data Steward role.

An Administrator is able to create, view and edit Custom Attributes in the BI Catalogue. An Administrator can also view Network Maps and edit the Custom Attributes of an entity in a Network Map.

Network Maps

If a user clicks on the Network Map button, they can view its Network Map, and view and edit Custom Attributes in its side panel once they have clicked on an entity in the map.

Network Map Button