Version 4.6

Upgrade Notes

Before running the upgrade, ensure that you have upgraded Loome Identity to version 2.6 Please note that due to changes in Loome Identity 2.6, all users with a current login to Loome Publish will be asked to sign out and sign back in

Once you have upgraded to version 2.6 of Loome Identity, you will need to add a new redirect URL for Loome Publish. Browse to your Loome Identity URL, appending /admin to the end to open the admin portal.

Open the Loome Publish client configuration by clicking on it.

step 1

Click the ‘Edit’ button under ‘Redirect Uri’.

step 2

Add the following reply URL as shown in the screenshot and the below table (ensuring to replace the DNS name with your own).

You can find a table of these values at the end of this section.

Click the ‘Close’ button.

step 3

Click ‘Save’ to persist your changes.

step 4

Make sure to replace <> with the actual DNS name of your Loome Publish portal.


When you reach the ‘Configure application settings’ page, update the ‘Client Secret’ value with the new value recorded above. If the value is the same as the existing one, you do not need to replace it.

After this has been completed, follow the steps under Running the Upgrade to continue..